Valve Seat Inserts
Valve seat inserts made by Krishan engineering works are superior quality products engineered for today’s typical fuel requirements and engine working condition. The different types of materials are used to manufacture valve seat inserts. These valve seat inserts are manufactured in our own electric induction melting furnace under disciplined control condition by experts to assure its performance.
Our valve seat inserts are made from chrome alloy steel which has a high wear resistance at high temperature our valve seat inserts extends the life of valves.
Our fully automatic heat treatment plant is used for perfect hardness & smooth cutting as per OE standards.
These Valve seat inserts are available for almost every type of internal combustion engine and also all valve seats inserts can be ordered in over sizes .
Our valves are made from different materials to operate under different conditions. These are made from high grade valve steel series EN-54 , EN-52 , EN-59 , [ 214-N ] [non magnetic/bimetal] we generally use alloy steel for intake valve as these valves are not exposed to the corrosive action of the hot exhaust gases . Therefore, these are capable to serve longer periods with trouble free operations. In exhaust valve we use chromium & silicon to make it resistant to corrosion due to engine high temperature and hot gases.
We also make valves with chrome plating for special purpose.
Valves are available for almost every type of internal combustion engine and also all valves can be ordered in over sizes.
Valve Guides
Valve guides made from grey cast iron alloy. The structure of valve guides has good wear resistance. Grey cast iron with high phosphorus content gives high wear resistance and improved running properties in poor lubrication conditions. Valve guides keep valves in the center automatically. Our valve guides are made to accurate dimension & inner born is finished as per OE standards for perfect fitting. We also made valve guides from brass as per the customer demand. Our valve guides are available for almost every type of internal combustion engine.
We can also supply our products ranges against sample or drawings.
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